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Rodent/Wildlife Control

your home or business. Our expert exterminators know where rats, birds, rabbits and other wildlife like to hide. Use our expertise to end your problem today. Rodents and wildlife are damaging to buildings and structures. They build nests, eat wires, chew paper, material, plastic, water pipes, and cause damage above and below ground while mating, burrowing, and spreading disease.

Crawl & Attic Spaces

spiders, mice, or other pest that live in attics and crawl spaces are alike. They like to enter into homes through common entry points where they hide to make nests and webs. We know how they can severely damage a home.

Bug Control

offer quick service with a guarantee and a smile. Let us fight those nasty bugs and eradicate them from your home. We will remove them and keep them away. We use environmentally safe chemicals and materials to rid your home of the over 1,000 species of ants and invasive cockroaches.


insulation is key to minimizing bug and rodent problems in your home or business. At Bug You Not, we aim to provide you with the best service and ensure that you and your needs always come first.

Termite Control

foundation and structural integrity of your home. The signs of termite infestation include holes in woodwork, sagging floors, termite droppings, and hollow parts in your home's foundation. Our certified and professional termite exterminators will efficiently review your home and provide a safe extermination plan.

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